Dental Whitening Gel

If you have ever dreamt of having a celebrity-like whiter, stunning smile then know that you are not alone. It is estimated that billions of dollars are spent annually in America on dental services and whitening products. From the wide-ranging dental cosmetic services provided by dentists, dental brightening is really popular.

Customers are increasingly offered numerous options of over the counter dental whitening or bleaching products.

Teeth Components for Whitening

For an easier understanding of the working of tooth bleachers or whiteners, it is also equally essential for you to know the components of your teeth. The teeth consist of the inner and outer layers that play a vital role in providing the necessary protection from potentially harmful elements. With the continued introduction of different external materials for instance through smoking, that leads to the establishment of a layer on top of the harder outer layer.

Dental Whitening Gel

The outer tooth layer is known as the enamel. Your dentist can eradicate this accumulation of destructive materials by employing a procedure involving chemical products and scrapping. As well the daily use of abrasive toothpaste can assist in reducing the amount of accumulation over the hard outer layer of the tooth.

However, note that with the continued hosting of the accumulation of external materials ultimately the dental plaque and tartar find a way into the enamel layer. That leads to teeth discoloration which even though it may not pose any dental health issues it is still a guarantee you will find the stains unappealing. That is why you may find tooth whitener options like whitening gel necessary.

Dental whiteners help in eradicating the staining effect on the teeth and enhance the overall appearance of your teeth and smile.

The Working of Whitening Gels

The internal and external stains that cause your teeth to be discolored and darker and thus appear unpleasant can be eradicated using whitening gels. A whitening gel works because it contains beneficial brightening ingredients capable of penetrating the different layers of your tooth to reach the area affected by unsightly, discolored material accumulation. The brightening gel is applied on your teeth’s surface using a gentle brush.

Dental whitening gel

The application should be made as per the instructions provided for getting better results. With the application of the gel, the natural whitening agents release molecules of oxygen which serve the purpose of reacting with and breaking down the teeth stain molecular bonds resulting in a whiter smile. The use of tooth brightening agents, like most other inventions, was discovered accidentally.

Brightening gels with the main ingredient in the form of hydrogen peroxide used to be relied upon for swelling gum treatment. From the procedure, orthodontists came to realize that the teeth also profited immensely by being brighter and whiter.

The Ingredients Contained in TADSmile Dental Whitening Gels

Unlike other teeth brightening gels, the products manufactured by TADSmile are peroxide-free, natural, and safe. With the omission of the oxidization agent, your teeth can benefit significantly in realizing remineralization and sensitivity prevention. Subsequently, below are some of the useful and safe ingredients in the whitening gels of TADSmile.

I. Glycerin

This is one of the main ingredients used in different teeth whitening products such as gels. Glycerin plays a significant role in accelerating the elimination of enamel moisture and that is beneficial for allowing access of the gel to the stains positioned deeply into the enamel. Since glycerin helps in faster delivery of whitening effect to the surface of the tooth, it is possible to achieve faster, effective results.

Additionally, the ingredient comes in handy in the tooth gel for boosting its shelf-life.

II. Sodium Bicarbonate

Also popularly known as baking soda, Sodium Bicarbonate has been revealed by different clinical studies to be capable of teeth blemish removal because of its abrasive nature. This standard household product is currently used to manufacture teeth health and color revitalizing products and toothpaste. Baking soda has been in use at home for teeth whitening in different ways.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Since the ingredient is a base it can be mixed with other acidic drink sources such as strawberries and vinegar. Nonetheless, because acids can be detrimental to your teeth and gums the mixture is not widely recommended. The second common option is to mix Sodium Bicarbonate with water and the resultant mixture used for teeth brushing.

Even with the benefits of the ingredient, it should not be used alone because it can enhance the formation of cavities, irritate gums, and it is not capable of elimination of germs. Because of the benefits of soda ash that is why TADSmile offers a brightening gel having a combination of the ingredient and many others that are equally safe.

III. Cranberry Cranberry Juice

For a long time has been a popular solution for safeguarding people from potential bladder infections. Thanks to more studies cranberry has also been unearthed as an acidic ingredient that can also assist in you achieving better dental whitening effects. Cranberry extract disrupts glucan creation.

Glucan is the plaque building block. Microorganisms rely on enzymes for the formation of plaque step by step. In the end, you end up having greasy accumulation covering your tooth and providing a perfect living environment for bacteria.

Cranberry juice

Through many studies, it has been identified that cranberry thwarts plaque formation by bacteria and enzymes. The pathogens causing tooth decay and stain are sterilized. All in all, it must be remembered that cranberry juice usually has the addition of sugar and the natural acidity of this ingredient can lead to tooth cavities and decay.

The TADSmile tooth brightening gel only has the necessary cranberry compounds safeguarding against cavity and decay formation and for delivering brighter and whiter teeth.

IV. Xylitol

This particular chemical compound used in teeth brightening gel is known for delivering plenty of benefits. The substance is a naturally occurring sugar employed as a food sweetener and derived from various vegetables and fruits. Processed sugar poses higher risks to your dental health.

The usual sugar when broken down in your mouth forms an excellent source of food for harmful bacteria found in the mouth promoting plaque formation. Apart from plaque buildup, there is also the formation of gum diseases and cavities. That is why your intake of this kind of sugar should be at a minimum or totally avoided.

Xylitol Teeth Whitening

On the contrary, Xylitol cannot be digested by the bacteria found in your mouth and thus discourages a favorable living environment creation for bacteria. By encouraging the presence of fewer bacteria, the ingredient results in healthy teeth promotion. The natural substance is effective in activating the remineralization of the enamel’s deep layers.

V. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is effective and less abrasive than most available toothpastes in regulating cavities-causing bacteria. The Aloe Vera extract has natural compounds for the removal and elimination of harmful bacteria. In addition, this ingredient addition in a teeth whitening gel makes it suitable for you if you have sensitive teeth.

Aloe Vera teeth whitening

Aloe Vera is vital for soothing, healing, and promotion of a healthy mouth and whiter teeth.

VI. ORGANIC Peppermint

There are varieties of essential oils that have been in use for centuries because of associated therapeutic benefits. One common aromatic herb is called Peppermint. Various studies have established that Peppermint is dominant in eliminating bacteria that cause gum disease and cavities.

ORGANIC Peppermint teeth whitening

You can trust on Peppermint to safeguard you from oral pathogens. See below how peppermint helps in achieving whiter teeth and safeguards oral health.

  • It comes with an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ability for decreasing the growth of harmful mouth bacteria which compromises oral health.
  • The mint has minerals and vitamins for delivering strengthened enamel, teeth, and gums.
  • There is the stimulation of saliva production and its associated enzymes for ensuring proper digestion.
  • Offers a refreshing taste and breath.

VII. Chamomile Flower Extract

As a typical herbal extract, Chamomile produces an anti-microbial effect on your mouth. Apart from the killing of harmful oral bacteria, the ingredient also delivers a fresher breath and generally plays a vital role in having a healthy mouth.

Stains That Can Be Eliminated by Dental Whitening Gel

Dental whitening is most effective for eradicating external stains emanating from bad eating and drinking habits including smoking. Discoloration of your teeth may be caused by foods and drinks rich in tannin and are acidic such as carbonated beverages, red/white wine, and strongly-colored foods. Extrinsic discolorations are much easier to eliminate using teeth bleaching gels.

Dental Whitening Gel 3

Internal staining of the teeth can also occur because of different issues such as teeth damage, excess fluoride contact, and the natural process of aging. For the intrinsic stains, elimination is also possible. But faster and effective stain removal, the teeth whitening gel has to be placed in close contact with the internally impacted tooth area.

Treating the affected tooth will obviously take longer.

In Conclusion

Always remember that dental whitening gel alone may not help in achieving and maintaining the needed oral health. Different factors can contribute to your teeth discoloration such as smoking. Proper oral habits and maintenance is a must regardless of the particular dental whitening solution you are using.

It would be best to brush daily, floss regularly, quit smoking, avoid foods and drinks causing stains and go for dental checkups to have a brighter smile. It would help if you also used our brightening gel with natural and safe ingredients and hence no issues of teeth sensitivity and gum irritation. Using unsafe gels can further deteriorate the health of your mouth and increase gum disease and teeth discoloration.

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