LED Teeth Whitening Kit

As you age you start to notice many things about your physical appearance. Your smile is the first thing people notice about you and the last thing you want someone to see is yellow, ill polished teeth. When you try different whitening toothpaste at home you can barely see a difference and trips to the dentist for whitening treatments cost a fortune.

Not even to mention time out of your busy schedule it would take to get those pricey treatments. Here to save the day is TADSmile. With so many at-home teeth whitening kit products on the market, it can really leave you feeling overwhelmed with which one to choose. You look at all the reviews and pictures and feel overwhelmed with the saturated market of teeth whitening kits and log off for the night.

Look no further because TADSmile is the top-rated at-home whitening kit for your teeth at a fraction of the cost.

How Do at Home LED Teeth Whitening Treatments Work?

At-home LED teeth whitening treatments are so easy. A few steps and you see dramatic results. First, you dry your teeth off with a towel or dry washcloth and then apply the whitening gel.

Next, place the device in your mouth with the LED light facing right up against your teeth. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then once the device shuts off, remove it, and rinse your mouth to get the remaining gel out. At-home treatments like TADSmile are convenient because while you are catching up on your favorite TV series or social media you can do this treatment comfortably.

Is It Time-Consuming to Do at Home Kits?

Not at all! At-home LED teeth whitening kit is one of the faster ways to whiten your teeth. A dentist's appointment can take hours out of your day and involve wait times, uncomfortable chairs, and paperwork, not to mention a lot of money. Teeth-whitening strips are also time-consuming because the average teeth whitening strip takes anywhere from 30-45 minutes to complete.

With the LED teeth whitening kit you are finished in 10 minutes in the comfort of your own home.

Will This Hurt My Teeth or Make Them More Sensitive?

If you are sensitive to certain dental hygiene products or toothpaste, this product may cause a few sensitivity issues. However, most people say that LED teeth whitening is one of the least aggressive teeth whitening processes on the market compared to other methods. Some people have said they noticed a bit of sensitivity the first time while drinking a cold beverage or brushing their teeth after but after many treatments no other discomforts.

Is LED Teeth Whitening Safe?

LED has been proven to not only be an effective but safe way to whiten your teeth at home. Many doctors recommend buying enamel protective toothpaste to help keep your enamel strong while doing at-home teeth whitening kits. There is nothing dangerous about LED whitening treatments. The main side effect of at-home teeth whitening using LED lighting is:

  • Tooth Sensitivity
  • Gum Sensitivity
  • Mild Discomfort

It is always a great idea to consult with your dentist if you would be a suitable candidate for at-home LED teeth whitening before buying or using the product. If you experience extreme sensitivity it would be best to stop using LED teeth whitening kits and see a doctor immediately.

Will This Kit Actually Make Your Teeth Whitter?

While other products are a hit or miss, TADSmile is widely known to increase the overall brightness of your teeth. Many products claim they are using LED lighting when there is no LED lighting a blue light just shining on your teeth. TADSmile offers a true LED lighting device that will give you dramatic results even after your first use.

It is important however to make sure that you are brushing your teeth 2-3 times a day as well as flossing and seeing your dentist on a regular basis to ensure the best results with an at-home LED teeth whitening kit.

Is It Worth It?

There is nothing better than a perfect smile, getting compliments on how white your teeth are, or taking a picture and noticing your bright beautiful smile. Teeth whitening is absolutely worth the money and will impact you physically, mentally, and professionally in the most positive way. Many people are very insecure about how yellow or stained their teeth are.

No matter how much coffee or wine and soda you have drunk, there is always an opportunity to have a brighter smile. You do not even have to limit the intake of your favorite expresso while using TADSmile. TADSmile does the work for you while you live your best life.

Who Can Use LED Teeth Whitening?

LED teeth whitening is used by both men, women, and people of all ages. While it is not recommended for children to use, even teens use LED whitening kits at home. LED is a safe way to achieve a bright smile in the comfort of your home.

White teeth are for everyone regardless of gender or age and are a fantastic way to boost self-confidence within yourself. If you are someone who has dental issues it is always best to consult your dentist before using LED teeth whitening kits or any kit for that matter. Even if you have a pretty clean dental past it is still recommended to call your dentist to make sure LED teeth whitening is a good tooth whitening choice for you at home.

If you are ready for whiter, brighter teeth stop searching and buy TADSmile's LED teeth whitening kits today. This kit is the best on the market and will help you achieve the best smile you have had yet. If you need whiter teeth for a wedding, big day, or just in general at-home LED teeth whitening kits are the best way to get your dream smile at a fraction of the cost compared to other teeth whitening methods.

Say goodbye to stained, yellow teeth and hello to a picture-perfect smile. You will not stop smiling after using this kit!

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