LED Teeth Whitening Kit Reviews


We get a lot of customers asking whether or not they should the LED Teeth Whitening Kit. We decided to let some of the reviews speak for themselves. However, we wanted to give you an inside look at the kit and what you can expect first.

The LED Teeth Whitening Kit: An Inside Look

  1. You will get the LED activation light with batteries.
  2. You will get 3 of the 3ML gel syringes.
  3. You will be provided with one mouth tray.
  4. You will also get a manual that explains everything you need to know.

We feel it is best to go by the manual to avoid any confusion.

Some Benefits

  1. The LED kit includes our TADSmile technology that helps to remove any stains that might be hidden above and below your teeth.
  2. You will get proven dental-grade results. That means you would get the same results were you in our chair having us do the job for you. Our guarantees are backed by dental associations and clinical trials.
  3. The whitening agent comes peroxide-free. That way you will not have to deal with any leftover pain and sensitivity. Once again, this kit has been through extensive trials before mass-market release. It also has the backing of some of the top dental professionals in the country.

The Led Teeth Whitening Kit Reviews: The Good Keeps Getting Better

Now, you do need to keep in mind that we cannot please everyone. There have been a few people who had less-than-favorable results. However, most of our reviews encapsulate a favorable look at the products we provide to our clients. Below you will find several reviews that will give you an idea of how good the kit is, and why you should consider investing in it yourself. Also, keep in mind, that we are not selling his kit in any way. The reviews sell themselves(as far as we are concerned).

Review One

All it took was one time for me to notice a significant difference in my mouth. I have used the store-bought whitening strips before. Too me, there are no comparisons. The store-bought whitening strips have nothing on this kit. Please do yourself a favor and buy this kit today if you are having issues. I never regretted it for a second. This kit even helped out some of the jewelry in my mouth. Shined up like a bright penny.

This thing is definitely worth the investment.

Review Two

This is my first time buying and trying something like this. My teeth were in bad shape. I bought the kit out of chance really. It was a chance I am glad I took. This kit is phenomenal. I would definitely order this kit again if I need too. You can use it multiple times. So glad I did this.

Review Three

This thing is very easy to use. The directions are not that difficult. I was very impressed with the mouth tray. It fits so well in your mouth. I can see the same results every time, and I have used it about 5 times. Now, of course, everyone has a different experience, so it might just be me.

The one thing that surprised me the most was the gel syringes. I only thought I was going to get maybe 3 times from one. I got a total of 6 times before I had to move onto the next gel syringe. That impresses me. You do not think it is going to work out that way when you first take a look at the gel syringes. Surprise, surprise.

Review Four

This thing is so easy. I could not believe how cool the kit is. I am waiting for the results, but, so far, so good. My teeth do look much whiter than they did before. I will probably use this again to make sure the thing works. I am impressed overall.

Review Five

I will definitely be recommending this to my friend and family. I have already talked to my dad about using this thing. I loved it. I was super happy with the results. I cannot tell you how good this product makes me feel. I can smile now without worrying about any stains leftover from coffee or something else.

My brother has told me to put this on his Christmas wish list. He was with me when I did it. He wants one too.

Review Six

Let me make one thing crystal clear, this product is just as good as the high-end value alternatives if not better. Why spend all that money when you can buy this kit. This is one of the best things I have ever spent my money on.

I have tried other teeth whitening products in the past. Most of the time I ended up with teeth sensitivity after one use. Not with this kit. My mouth feels brand new. I also do not have to worry about coffee. I used to have to brush my teeth after drinking coffee(again). I do not have to worry about this kit. This is such a relief. Those who do not buy this kit are missing out on something special.

Review Seven

I used to use those whitening strips you find in the store. They only worked up to a point. I soon found myself having mouth sensitivity after a few uses. That was not a good feeling.

I took a chance and bought this thing from TADSmile. OMG, have I been missing out! This kit was more affordable than those teeth whitening strips I used to buy. Do you have mouth sensitivity? Do your teeth get sensitive at the drop of a hat? This kit is going to be for you. It worked for me so much better than I could have imagined.

Do yourself a favor and get this kit from TADSmile. You are not going to regret it.


We did hide the names to protect their privacy, but these seven reviews are very real. They also reflect a much larger viewpoint about our kit at TADSmile. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Those of you who do not see the results you wanted and we promised, you can send it back for a full refund. The guarantee is also listed on our page. Go to the link now to find out more. Feel free to look around at our online shop for other products that might be of particular interest.

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