Making your smile brighter is a booming industry these days. In just a few years, the total revenue from professional teeth whitening services is projected to be over $6 billion. This is a large and exciting new frontier, but whitening your teeth is not a process to be entered into lightly.

Educate yourself about the procedure. This way you can be sure that you are comfortable from start to finish and you are sure of the results that you want. Here are ten facts that you might find interesting and they may make you want to investigate TADSmile more closely.

1. Having Your Teeth Professionally Whitened Will Not Damage Them

There are a great many things that can be harmful to your teeth if done incorrectly. For instance, even brushing them too hard and aggressively can cause abrasions or spots of damage. However, if used correctly and according to the manufacturer's instructions, whitening your teeth is not a harmful process.

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The way it works is, your whitening system will use their active ingredients to make your teeth more porous and lift stains. Over the course of a few hours, teeth will re-calcify and be better prepared to fight against oral bacteria.

2. It is expected to Feel Tooth Sensitivity After the Whitening Process

More than half of all Americans have teeth that are to some degree sensitive. This may be due to genetics, or damaged and cracked teeth. There are already a huge number of people with sensitive teeth, and tooth whitening can make them temporarily more tender.

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Teeth whitening can cause your teeth to become dehydrated, to allow the chemicals to penetrate the many tooth levels and clean each one thoroughly. This dehydration is not for a long time, but it can cause the nerves in your teeth to become more sensitive to changes in temperature or barometric pressure around you.

3. This Will Not Make Stains Go Away Immediately

There is no dream product on the market right now that will work overnight for you. Chemically, a drastic change in a short time just is not possible. The chemicals in your professional teeth whitening system are incapable of penetrating your teeth so quickly, giving you fast results.


How long it will take for you depends entirely on how discolored your teeth are. It can take as little as a week or as long as several months to see optimal results. Remember, it took years for your teeth to sustain the stains you want to remove. It is not a quick process to remove them.

4. Include Teeth Whitening as Part of your Bedtime Routine

It does not matter which product you use, your teeth will be more vulnerable to staining or damage directly after you have finished the whitening process. TADSmile and the majority of dentists recommend that you save this process for just before bed. It will cause the pores in your teeth to open up, allowing stains in, so just before a long period of inactivity is best.

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You can also use a desensitizing gel, available over the counter, to speed up the healing process and make your smile dazzle.

5. You Can Only Whiten Your Natural Teeth

A lot of people think that a tooth whitening system will just bleach whatever is in their mouths. Unfortunately, that is not the case and tooth whiteners will not work on your veneers or caps. The materials that they are constructed from is designed to match exactly the color of the teeth as they were when you had the veneers installed.

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They will never accumulate stains, but they can also never be lightened. The color of these false teeth is pretty permanent.

6. Teeth Whitening From a Dentist's Office is Inherently Temporary

The majority of teeth whitening systems available through the office of a dentist use either a laser or UV light particles to target and loosen stubborn stains. They are highly effective but must be maintained over the elapsing of time. However, once stains are removed from your teeth and you see clear enamel below, it is not difficult to keep them looking clean and fresh.

7. It is All About How the Chemicals Are Applied

The majority of teeth whitening systems marketed by dentists or available in the body care aisle of your supermarket contain many of the same active ingredients. The only real difference is how these chemicals are applied to the teeth. Tooth whitening systems have a lot of delivery methods, but one that people are always quick to applaud is the use of a tray.

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This keeps your teeth submerged in the mixture, allowing it to coat each tooth evenly. Some dentists will custom fit a tray to your mouth to ensure that you get the best usage out of the product.

8. Your Teeth Will Actively Absorb Contaminants

Your teeth have pores. These cause it to act much like a sponge, absorbing staining materials at every contact. Even if you take amazing care of your teeth, they will start to discolor with a buildup of the staining chemicals found in the food we regularly consume.

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Professional teeth whitening is the only proven method of combating this inevitability. It takes a long time, often years, to develop stains that are bad enough they need to be dealt with. Keep your teeth clean and the pores refreshed.

9. A Brighter Smile Will Give You Higher Self Esteem

You know all about what a more dazzling smile can do for your appearance, but did you know studies have shown that being more satisfied with your smile can indicate greater satisfaction with life in general?

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Having a smile that you are eager to show off points out to people that you are a happy individual, and it can make you more confident and bolder.

10. Your Teeth Will Never be 'Perfect'

Even taking away the stains, the natural shade of your teeth was determined before they even started to grow in. It is determined purely by genetics and you should know that the only thing teeth whiteners can do for you is remove the layer of built-up stains on top. The only way to change the natural color of your teeth is to change your genetics, and we have not quite figured that out yet.

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Having your teeth whitened by a professional is a great way to boost your confidence and add to your self-esteem. TADSmile has given a lot of people a new lease on life. See how it can improve your life!

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