TADSmile Teeth Whitening Kit Review

Today I'm going to do a review of the teeth whitening kit that's taking the Internet by storm. TADSmile! As I should let you know, I love coffee and tea. So if you are reading this blog post you probably know by now that many celebrities and influencers rave about TADSmile.

There are people and influencers on Instagram and Facebook posting their amazing before and after photos. With TADSmile you can expect things like getting up to eight shades whiter teeth with just 6-10 minute treatments. TADSmile gels cause no sensitivity or pain and use all-natural ingredients.

When using TADSmile, the results should last between one and three months and we do recommend that you do a touch-up treatment with more TADSmile Teeth Whitening gel every two to three weeks. Today as a person who needs some teeth whitening, I'm gonna put TADSmile's claims to the test. I want to see whether this product really works and if it works as well as it claims.

TADSmile Teeth Whitening kit is a product that all dentists and doctors can recommend. So let's open the box and let's find out what's in the kit. We've got the original bundle here and inside we've got the TADSmile teeth whitening kit by TrustaDoc.

TADSmile - Ryan Nassif

As we open up the box, we've got the 3 teeth whitening gels. We've got the instructions and we've got the LED and the mouthpiece all in the same sealed bag. We'll go through the instructions later when I'm actually using the TADSmile kit at home.

The TADSmile kit comes with a little shade tab so that you can see and measure the different colors of your teeth. The teeth whitening kit comes with a standardized professional shade guide, that allows us to be using the same language across the profession to get the best results for things like crowns and veneers. It's three syringes containing the teeth whitening gel and that's six treatments altogether.

We've got the list of ingredients:

  • Glycerin
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Carbomer
  • Polysorbate 20
  • Potassium Sorbate
  • Aloe Barbadensin leaf juice
  • Punita Granatum (Pomegranate) extract
  • Chamomilla Recutt (Chamomile) Flower extract

Sodium Bicarbonate agitates stains. 

The pomegranate, the chamomile, and the aloe Vera activate the teeth whitening gel. Then there's the TADSmile mouthpiece that holds the teeth whitening gel and the TADSmile LED blue light together. The blue light in the TADSmile teeth whitening kit helps the teeth whitening gels achieve superior results.

The concentration and formulation of the teeth whitening gel are the most important parts. I'm gonna go home and show you how to use the TADSmile kit. Now let me run you through how to use the TADSmile teeth whitening kit.

First I brush my teeth, which is the first step on the instructions inside the kit. The instructions show you how to activate the battery inside the LED light and how to connect the mouthpiece up to the line. When you start using it, the TADSmile LED light has an automatic 10-minute timer, which is the recommended time for treatment.

The LED light turns off automatically after 10 minutes. Now, I'm going to apply a quarter of the teeth whitening gel to the top part of the mouthpiece and then one quarter to the bottom part. Now, I'm ready to start the teeth whitening process.

My 10 minutes are up. So that wasn't so bad. The mouthpiece is a one size fits all so you might get a little bit of a taste of the gel. The teeth whitening gel doesn't taste too bad at all.

In total, you are supposed to complete six teeth whitening treatments with the TADSmile kit in order to get the maximum results. I've finally completed the six days of treatment here is the verdict. The before and after photos here, we're taken them with the same camera with the same settings with the same lighting conditions inside our dental office so that the lighting conditions can be controlled.

TADSmile - Before and After

On day 1 I used my phone to take a couple of photos, but I've used a photography app that keeps the same settings much like a professional camera. I can see a big difference in the color of my teeth using these photos and I can say that I'm surprised to be fair. I see some whitening effects, but how long will those last?

Teeth might begin to get stained once again 3 to 5 months after the treatment. The TADSmile teeth whitening kit has taken the Internet by storm with all these fantastic results using only all-natural ingredients and 6-10 minute treatments.

It's simply amazing!

I recommend this product from a professional point of view, not only because we like what goes into the teeth whitening gel but also because it's safer than Peroxide. It simply does work!

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