Does Teeth Whitening Hurt?

Tooth whitening has become very popular in the recent past as more people aspire to get that snow-white smile. The procedure is carried out purely for cosmetic purposes to reverse the yellowing of teeth that occurs over time. It aims at changing the intrinsic and extrinsic appearance of the tooth.

This process is also referred to as bleaching. Hydrogen peroxide, the most commonly used agent in tooth whitening, acts as an oxidizing agent that binds to the organic pigment molecules breaking them into smaller molecules that are less pigmented, resulting in whitening of the teeth. There are different products already circulating in the market that are known to remove stains, but the most frequently asked the question is, does teeth whitening hurt?

Risks Involved In Tooth Whitening

Most people would like to have that snow-white smile that enhances their aesthetic value in the community. Tooth whitening is safe and non-invasive but also has its risks. Teeth whitening has some risks that can be felt either during or after the procedure, but they all vary between different people.

The most commonly known risks involved in teeth whitening include:

  • Dental pain
  • Irritation of the gums
  • Teeth sensitivity

How Tooth Whitening It Is Done

The procedure is not carried under anesthesia so that the doctor can observe if the patient is hurting. The chemicals used in teeth whitening needs to be safe and painless. If teeth start hurting during the procedure, the procedure will need to be halted because severe pain may damage the teeth.

There are many methods and products out there that people use to whiten their teeth, but getting the most effective and safe one is of utmost importance.

Generally, there are three teeth whitening methods, they include:

  • The one performed by your dentist.
  • The dentist may give you the product to use at home.
  • Over the counter and home remedies without the prescription of a dentist. 

The factors that influence the choice of teeth whitening method include the type of coloration one has, the dental history of the patient, age of the patient, and the cost involved, among others. It is essential to seek professional advice from a dentist before embarking on a tooth whitening process. The dentist is best placed to recommend a treatment plan that is best suited for the patient.

Does teeth whitening hurt?

Time taken to whiten teeth completely and safely depends on the patient's type of discoloration and the method chosen to whiten. Carbamide peroxide that breaks down to hydrogen peroxide and urea is mostly used because it is considered safe.

In-office treatment by a dentist is a quick way of teeth whitening that has been preferred by many who wish to benefit from the practice. It can take only one hour and sometimes a few visits but has a long-lasting effect. The dentist typically uses a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide than what is usually contained in products to be used at home.

For people with other dental problems such as receding gums, this is the preferred method. To speed up the process, the dentist can also use a light application.

For those whose discoloration is superficial and light, the dentist can recommend products to be used at home. This can include custom-fit trays that are fitted into the mouth and worn for 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the dentist's recommendation. Your work will be to add gel, and in a few weeks, your teeth will be as white as snow.

Doest teeth whitening hurt?

Clinical-grade teeth whitening gel has carbamide peroxide and remineralizing ingredients and can be used on its own or with custom-fit trays. This formula is known to be free from harmful side effects and pain and carries the advantage of reducing tooth decay. People with extrinsic discoloration can also use over the counter whitening products.

Unlike the others, these products do not have carbamide peroxide; hence have the lowest effect. You will need to follow the manufacturer's instructions when using these categories of products.

Does Teeth Whitening Hurt?

This is the question that bothers most people who want that beautiful smile but are uncomfortable with the discoloration on their teeth. Teeth whitening is known to boost a person's self-confidence and to make them feel great. The procedure can be painful but does not cause any permanent damage to a person's teeth.

You should report tooth whitening sensitivity to your dentist so that they can advise on the best formulation for you. Teeth whitening should not be a painful experience hence the necessity to choose the products to use carefully.
Most home tooth whitening kits and over the counter products contain hydrogen peroxide.

Doest teeth whitening hurt?

Some people have teeth sensitive to hydrogen peroxide that makes them feel discomfort when taking hot and cold foods, but this effect is usually short-lived. To avoid this discomfort during tooth whitening, one should keep away from beverages that are of extreme temperatures. One should stick to beverages that are of room temperature.

People with sensitive teeth can also use natural whitening gels that are free from peroxide. These natural gels have sodium bicarbonate that safely and effectively removes deep enamel stains. It also brightens and remineralizes teeth. Some products like those from TADsmile have aloe and chamomile that are known to soothe gums.


Your smile is not only important to you but also to the people around you. Many people would love to try teeth whitening but are reluctant since they do not know the risks involved or are afraid of the pain that may accompany the process. You no longer need to avoid smiling because you are not comfortable with the color of your teeth.

Other than brushing your teeth, there are other safe and simple ways of removing tooth discoloration. Teeth whitening usually is safe provided; it is conducted following careful analysis of the situation. Different methods and products are circulating in the markets that have been proven to be clinically safe and effective in teeth whitening.

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